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Etre Libre Mod

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Être Libre: Your Escape...
When you think of escape, sun, beautiful beaches, and relaxation comes to mind. When you want to escape, the island of Être Libre will give it to you.

A beautiful tropical island set in an unknown location, Être Libre is the ultimate escape. Inhabitants arrive from a mere thought that they need or want to escape their lives and in a heartbeat, they’ll find themselves on the beautiful island. No one knows how they got there and there is only one way to leave. How to leave is not known until you find it and when you find it, it’s too late to look back. Because of this, departing inhabitants have never been able to reveal to their fellow islanders how they left. You can only leave when you are truly ready. Ready for what? No one on the island has ever solved the secret. Once you leave, you can return, but you will have no recollection of ever having been there before. It is believed that when you return to your life, it is at the exact moment you left it but with an inner peace you did not hold before, though no one has ever returned with recollection to confirm the myth so it continues to remain a mystery to the island inhabitants…

All it takes for you to arrive on Être Libre is a thought that you need to escape. Whether you’ve had a bad day, you’re amidst an argument, you’ve seen something you shouldn’t have, the supermarket ran out of your favourite Ben & Jerry’s flavour, Jimmy Choo decided not to release the emerald green strappy shoes this season, you got fired, you’ve lost someone close to you, someone stole your pen, that sex tape you made has been leaked to You Tube… anything, big or small, if a thought in the realms of “I need to get out of this place” passes your mind, you could find yourself in Être Libre on your next breath.

Your arrival is by choice, though that fact is not always clear to new inhabitants. You can leave, you just need to know how and you can only learn how when you are ready to leave.

Être Libre is a pan-fandom RPG. Although an island, Être Libre is a fully functional resort and has everything a person could want or need to survive upon it for an indefinite period of time and for others to forge a completely new life for themselves there.

Applications have just re-opened. We have close to fifty active characters and a range of fandoms represented, though there are still positions vacant for some of the more popular canon characters. We're always looking for new fandoms and characters to join us.

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