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We are re-launching etrelibre_rpg in January 2012, and hopefully looking to remove factors that caused us to close down prior, such as inactivity or players sitting on characters they have no interest in writing any longer.

Considering the favoured trend of free-form, short-tagging RP in open communities these days, we are only accepting experienced players for our game who favour third-person paragraph-form game play, who are committed to regular activity (ie. actively involved in RP scenes at least once every 4-6 weeks), and already have experience writing the character they are applying for.

Because of this, we ask that you consider whether this style of game is for you, as our players here joining us for the re-launch are focused on plotting and paragraph-style play. If so, contact the mods via our MOD CONTACT POST and link us to three RP threads you have been involved playing the character you wish to apply for.

Once we have taken a look at your in-character threads and seen you have experience in playing them, we will send you the application for the game. If you are interested in joining, and wish to invite castmates or RP partners along, we are more than happy for you to refer them along too and we can check our your joint threads simultaneously.

Thanks for your understanding :)

- etrelibre_mods


- We only accept canon characters from TV, movie or book fandoms. We do not accept characters from cartoons, video games, anime, or animations. Comic characters are welcome if their canon has been evolved into human media and you have a human PB (for example, X-Men, Batman, Fantastic Four etc.)
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