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Places & Island Activities

A list of places and businesses about the village. Want your pup to own/start a business? Leave a comment to get in touch with mods and we'll consider it. Also comment here if you want your pup to work in one of the existing places, or has already been hired in game.

Hors de Prix - Strip club owned by Remy LeBeau. Current employees: Rogue. All patrons must be over 17 years of age, and any threads that look to become NC-17 should be moved to the player journals.

The Resort - Managed by Dr Lisa Cuddy. All inhabitants of the island live here. Suites, double rooms, single rooms, and bungalows available. Need a room for your character, or need to see where others are staying? Go check the guestbook and greet Receptionist, Rory Gilmore.

Etre Libre Medical Centre - Get hurt in a bar fight? Need to get some medication? Come here. The medical centre's Doctor-in-Charge is Robert Chase.

The Beach - What's a tropical island without a beach?

The Blue Lagoon - Fancy Sex on the Beach? How about a shot of tequila? Bar also has pool tables and a jukebox. The bar tender is Elektra Natchios, though she could probably do with an extra hand, or two.

Chique Pysique Gym - Your body not quite buff enough for the beach? This is the place for you. Managed by Jason Street and employs Personal Trainer, Oliver Wood.

Four Sands Cafe - Everyone needs a caffeine hit, even in paradise.

Breezy Point Restaurant - With a menu for everyone and ideal for those relaxed days you don't want to leave the resort.

C'est Naturel Day Spa - A place to seek solitude and relax, or make yourself pretty for that certain someone.

C'est Naturel Sauna - Fancy things a little bit steamy? Then the sauna is for you.

Tattoo Parlour - A small boutique parlour within the main resort. Tattoo work by appointment only. Owned by Fox.

Shaken 'n' Stirred Nightclub - A place to let your hair down and go wild.

Moonlight Piano Lounge - A more chill atmosphere for the night owls.

Karaoke Bar - Even in paradise you can't escape karaoke.

Supermarket - Food is one of the many essentials, and here it comes in all the colour packages of the rainbow.

Library - For the bookwarm at heart, or even just to look up a recipe.

Marina and Boat ramp - For all your yachting, boat trips and parasailing needs. If it goes in or on the water, then it's here.

Être Libre School - For all the islanders under 18.

Morgue (part of the Medical Centre) - Even this island needs a place for dead people.

Être Libre Criminal Investigation Unit - Trouble has a way of happening no matter where you are, so even an escape needs protecting. Managed by Detective Superintendant, Harry Potter.

Être Libre News - For all your media and paparazzi needs. Être Libre News offers the island's newspaper, radio station and television station.

The Pleasure Chest - The island's sex shop. All people who enter must be 18, or over.

Aquatic Chaos - A raunchy and risque gay bar and nightclub for all the pleasures of the same-sex flesh. Owned by Brian Kinney. [Similar to Babylon in Brian's Queer as Folk canon]

Douceur de Vivre Cocktail Bar - Open after 8pm only, this trendy, chique bar offers great mood music and cocktails from all over the world, shaken, stirred and everything in between.

Beach Street - Where all the restaurants are located. Can cater to nearly every taste.

Museum & War Memorial - With displays of natural and man-made history from all ages, the Island Museum can keep inhabitants occupied for hours. It is attached to the Island's War Memorial, which offers displays from all past wars across the world and from all times.

Etre Art Gallery - No one knows if the paintings from all times and all walks of life are originals in the Island's art gallery, but they certainly look like it. With often-changing displays to keep islanders intrigued, the art gallery caters to every art-lovers tastes and is great for a day out of culture.

Etre Libre Zoo - Animals from all over the world are kept in Island Zoo. The Zoo houses animals in as close to their natural enviroment as possible is set in a pleasant corner of the island with many trees and picnic areas for vistors relaxation. Also contains a petting zoo.

Tropical Shores Theme Park - Whether you're a bit of a daredevil and like the loopy rollercoasters and highest waterslides, or just want a fun day out with the carousel or side show games, the Island theme park offers fun for everyone. Main attractions are the Montezuma's Revenge Rollercoaster and the Amazon Spin Rapid Ride.

Church - Any and all denominations represented for the moments when we all need a little faith.

The Park - Much like Central Park in New York City, the Island's park is situation right in the centre of the Island for all to enjoy. Feed the ducks, go for a peaceful walk or jog, rollerblade, sit in the sun, have a picnic under the trees.

Mall - Retail therapy is a must. Just like any other mall this has every and all shops you can think of.

Fins, Fangs & Feathers Pet Shop - Islanders are welcome to keep a variety of domestic pets if they desire and this is the place to find them. Also the place to get any and all pet supplies required to keep your pet happy.

Vet Clinic - If your pet needs medical help, or maybe your randy pup needs nuetering, this is your first stop!

Sports Complex - For the sportier at heart. Offers tennis courts, squash courts, football and soccer fields, basketball courts, baseball fields, cycling veledrome, you name it.

Bowling Alley - Just like it says on the sign.

Pages Bookshop - A quiet corner of the island to hang out in.

Car Yard & Garage - Why walk when you can drive? This is where you can purchase cars, buy gas, and have your car repaired and serviced.

Diner & Arcade - Popular with the teenage inhabits but all are welcome if you fancy just hanging out with friends over a burger and a shake.

Casino - Fancy a little action? Like your Black Jack? Then come here.

Movie Theatre - With something to please everyone the movie theatre is great for those first dates.

Panache Theatre Company - If you consider yourself a bit (or a lot) of a performer at heart, this could be the place for you. The Island's actors come together here to put on performances for those who love to catch theatre shows. Something for everyone is always on the offer.

Loose Notes Music & Dance Studios - For the Island's talented sector. Offers music recording studios, dance studios, and dance classes.

Shooting & Archery Range - Whether you are a sharp-shooter, professional armsman, or just want to try your hand at a shot, the Shooting & Archery Range offers a place to blow off some steam and have a little fun. Managed by Rob Laird.

The island is your oyster with any number of activities to keep you occupied at your finger tips. Whether you just feel like lying on the beach all day or working up a sweat on the tennis courts, you'll always have something you can do.

Please note, this is by no means an exhaustive list of potential island activities. It's merely intended as player reference to help decide what you want your pup to do in game threads. Feel free to use your imagination with what your pup gets up to.

Hors de Prix Strip Club
Offers live strips shows and exotic dancing, public and private shows. However, Remy operates on a strict "hands off" policy, so its look but don't touch. Hors de Prix also has its own bar within the club.

The Resort
Encompasses accommodation facilities, the pool, and outdoor spa. Lie around in the sun by the pool, go for a swim, try and get a tan, sip cocktails at the pool side. The ultimate relaxation area.

The Beach
Self-explanatory, much like the pool but the ocean is your oyster. See Marina and Boat Ramp for more beach activities.

The Blue Lagoon
Top class bar and the perfect place for a relaxing drink. Also offers live music on a weekend and occasional theme nights.

Chique Pysique Gym
Feel like working on that beach body? This is the place to come. Personal trainers are on hand for the more hard-core fitness fanatics and includes indoor squash courts.

Tennis Courts
Whether you are up for a mere hit and giggle with friends or ready for an intense round, this is where you find all your tennis needs. Lessons available to those who don't now how to handle their raquets.

Four Sands Café
A caffeine addict's first port of call. A trendy little coffee shop offering all your caffeine wants and needs. Take away service also available.

Breezy Point Restaurant
The only restaurant on the resort complex. Offers a large menu of both seafood and soul food. Buffet breakfast and lunch available every day. For more daring hunger desires, see Beach Street in town.

C'est Naturel Day Spa
For all your health and beauty needs. Here you will find hairdressers, beauty therapists, massages, yoga classes, mud baths, hot rock therapy, you name it. If you want to spoil yourself, this is the place to do it.

C'est Naturel Sauna
A large sauna catering to those who want to chill out and sweat out some of that tension.

Marina and Boat ramp
The activity centre of the resort, you will find a range of activities at your fingers tips at the Marina and Boat Ramp. Fishing, surfing, jet-skiing, water-skiing, parasailing, diving, snorkling, beach volleyball, boat hire, bait shop, sand castle competitions, whale and dolphin watch tours, sightseeing tours around the island. If you're looking for sun, surf, and fun, this is where you'll find it.

Shaken 'n' Stirred Nightclub
The island's most popular night spot, kick your feet up for good music and dancing at Shaken'n'Stirred. The club also has its own bar.

Moonlight Piano Lounge
The more mellow nightlife can be found in the Piano Lounge. Offers a cocktail lounge and smooth piano entertainment. For the more old time romantics on the island.

Karaoke Bar
Think you're you're the next Mercury, Bono, or Hendrix? Have a tendency to belt out 'I Will Survice' or 'Simply The Best' after you've had a few? Always wanted to sing in front of an audience but never quite had the nerve to do it? The Karaoke Bar is the place for you.

Douceur de Vivre Cocktail Bar
Enjoy a more risque drink than your standard pint at the pub. For the more cultured taste, the trendy setting is enjoyable for a night out on the town.

The Pleasure Chest
The island's sex shop. If your horny or not, come check it out. Has an ample range of products and services for a large variety of curiousities and tastes.

Beach Street
Beach Street is a full street in town that has restaurants, restaurants, and more restaurants. You name a dish, and you'll likely find it at Beach Street. Also the home of the island's takeway shops if pizza, fish and chips, Chinse takeout or a good curry is more your desire.

The island's mall houses approximately a hundred speciality stores and boutiques. Caters to any shopaholic and is the first port of call if you need something new.

Bowling Alley
You don't need to be a pro to have fun with a good night of bowling. Always a popular social choice, and they even offer the bumpers for those really lacking in the coordination stakes. Friday nights from 8pm is adults-only where the alley offers an open bar to all participants.

Whether you have a few dollars to spare in the slot machines or pushing for a place at Gamblers Anonymous, come along and throw that money around.

Movie Theatre
Offers eight screens guaranteed to always show something to your tastes. One of the island's most popular venues for first dates (and often ends with moonlight 'walks' on the beach)

Museum & War Memorial
For a shot of culture and history, this is a good place to waste some hours if you've tired of the sun and the beach.

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