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Employment Register & Job Vacancies

Below is a list of jobs already filled by characters and current job vacancies on the island. Please leave a reply to this post with what job you would like your character to have. Alternatively, if you have an idea for a business you would like your character to start and run, please tell us here for consideration.


In alphabetical order by first name:

Chris Deleo | Head Surgeon, Medical Centre
Buffy Summers | Manager, Shaken 'n' Stirred Nightclub
Dean Winchester | Bar tender, Hors de Prix strip club
Fox | Tattooist, and Bouncer at the Casino
Kurt Hummel | Manager, Aquatic Chaos & Island Designer and Stylist
Marie "Rogue" D'Ancanto | Bargirl and 21C, Aquatic Chaos gay bar
Mike Chang | Stripper and Exotic Dancer, Hors de Prix
Quinn Fabray | CEO, The Resort
Remy "Gambit" LeBeau | Owner of Hors de Prix strip and exotic dancing club
Robert Chase | Head Doctor and Manager of the Medical Centre
Rob Laird | Manager, Shooting & Archery Range
Sirius Black | Manager and Barman, The Blue Lagoon
Tim Riggins | Mechanic, Garage


Please note, this is not an exhaustive list and we are open to any suggestions of employment you might wish your character to have, if plausible.


Hors de Prix Strip Club
Stippers, exotic dancers, bar staff, cleaners, bouncers, security guards

The Resort
Concierge, receptionist, tourist guides, cleaners, bell boys, valet parking attendants, pool boys/girls

Etre Libre Medical Centre
Doctors, nurses, receptionist

Morgue (part of the Medical Centre)
Medical Examiner, pathologists, morgue technicians

The Beach
Swimming instructors

The Blue Lagoon
Bar staff

Chique Pysique Gym
Manager, personal trainers, equipment maintainers

Tennis Courts
Manager, trainers

Four Sands Café
Manager, waiters, waitresses, baristas

Breezy Point Restaurant
Manager, waiters, waitresses, chefs, cleaners

C'est Naturel Day Spa
Manger, receptionist, massage therapists, nail technicians, hair dressers, beauty therapists, yoga instructors

C'est Naturel Sauna
Manager, receptionist

Marina and Boat ramp
Manager, boat technicians, bait seller, equipment hire (fishing, jet skis, parasailing bookings)

- Jobs in the town…

Shaken 'n' Stirred Nightclub
Manager, Bar staff, bouncers, DJ, live bands

Piano Lounge
Manager, piano musicians, bar staff

Karaoke Bar
Manager, Bar staff

Douceur de Vivre Cocktail Bar
Manager, Bar staff, cocktail mixers, waiters, waitresses

Manager, checkout staff, bag packers, shelf-stackers


Être Libre School
Principal, teachers, students

Être Libre Criminal Investigation Unit
Detectives, police, forensic scientists

Être Libre News (Print, TV, and radio media)
Journalists, news reporters, radio announcers, paparazzi, editors, photographers

The Pleasure Chest
Manager, Store clerks

Beach Street
Managers for restaurants, waiters, waitresses, chefs, cleaners

Priests, clergymen, any individual working within a religious career

Shop owners, store clerks

The Park
Groundskeepers, gardeners, hot dog salesmen, ice cream salemen

Bowling Alley
Manager, bowling attendants

Pages Bookshop
Manager, store clerks

Croupiers, cashiers, slot technicians

Sports Complex
Manager, groundskeepers, coaches, first aid attendants

Movie Theatre
Manager, ushers, food bar attendant, ticket sales clerk

Museum & War Memorial
Manager, receptionist, doorman, ticket clerks, curator, display attendants, tour guides, security guards, research assistants

Etre Art Gallery
Manager, receptionist, doorman, ticket clerks, tour guides, art specialists, artists

Etre Libre Zoo
Manager, ticket clerks, tour guides, animal feeders, show presenters, gift shop attendants, food stall attendants, animal specialists

Tropical Shores Theme Park
Manager, ride operators, side show attendants, cleaners, ride mechanics, ticket clerks

Fins, Fangs & Feathers Pet Shop
Manager, store attendants

Vet Clinic
Manager, vets, vet assistants, receptionist

Diner & Arcade
Manager, waitresses, waiters, chefs, kitchen assitants, cleaners, arcade attendants

Car Yard & Garage
Managers, car salesmen, mechanics, gas attendants, store clerks

Loose Notes Music & Dance Studios
Manager, musicians, dancers, dance teachers, recording artists, producers, managers, publicists

Panache Theatre Company
Manager, receptionist, actors, actresses, directors, costume designers, ticket clerks, ushers, set designers, lighting manager, sound manager, script writers

Shooting & Archery Range
Armoury specialists, trainers, safety officers

Buskers, prostitutes, musicians, novelists, writers, phone sex operators, etc.
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